Floor Coatings

3M Colourquartz™ Aggregates are ceramic-coated quartz granules with a variety of architectural uses. The spherical particles of S-grade Colourquartz Aggregates are designed for broadcast installation with epoxy, urethane or other seamless flooring resins. Available in a variety of permanent colours, Colourquartz Aggregates adds durability, depth and beauty to the benefits of seamless floor construction. For light industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational and residential floors, Colourquartz Aggregates provides proven performance.

Seamless floors containing Colourquartz Aggregates provide durability and longetivity, plus warmth and beauty. Coatings combined with aggregate can be applied over wood or concrete, and once installed, the floor will resist many chemical spills, chipping or denting.

Select from standard colours; red, green, brown, black, tan, buff, grey, smoke, blue, cayman green and white. Combine two, three or more colours in infinite variety to create a blend for your specific need. Special application techniques can create patterns and designs such as Spanish tile, brick and stone. The options are limited by the imagination.